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The residential area on Kronenstrasse in Dortmund presents a contemporary living solution that combines the highest level of comfort with urban quality of life. The project was completed in 2022 and includes a total of 49 residential units on a generous total area of 5,300 square meters for rent.

The architecture of the residential area is characterized by its brightness and modernity. Large window fronts ensure optimal use of daylight and create an inviting atmosphere in the apartments. The high-quality top floor not only gives the rooms an aesthetic touch, but is also characterized by its longevity and ease of care.

The residential area was designed to be barrier-free to allow all residents unrestricted access to the apartments. The modern floor plans offer flexible design options and create spacious living areas that meet the individual needs of the residents. Underfloor heating ensures comfortable warmth in all rooms and contributes to a pleasant living environment.

The residential area includes a spacious underground car park that provides enough parking spaces for all residents. This not only offers safe storage for vehicles, but also relieves pressure on the cityscape by ensuring that parking spaces do not burden public streets.

The residential area meets high standards in terms of energy efficiency and therefore actively contributes to environmental protection. The energy efficiency classification is KfW 55, which ensures resource-saving and sustainable use of energy while keeping additional costs low for residents.

Overall, the residential area on Kronenstrasse in Dortmund offers a modern and comfortable living solution for discerning tenants who want to combine urban life with the highest quality of living.


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