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We develop properties sustainably for our own portfolio.

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Every project as a successful whole!
Construction plans

Project development

Our focus is on identifying projects with high development potential. This strategic orientation makes it possible to implement sustainable concepts that not only offer economic advantages, but also meet ecological and social requirements.

Architectural model making

Asset management

The aim is to achieve increases in value through the strategic management of our real estate portfolio. With sustainable investments, we increase the value of our properties in accordance with ecological and social standards and thus ensure the long-term success of our portfolio.

Construction site

Property Management

The professional management of our properties ensures that they are managed optimally and that a high level of tenant satisfaction is achieved. Through proactive facility management and excellent tenant service, we ensure that the quality and value of the properties are maintained in the long term.



Since its founding in 2014, the LINIM Group has been developing real estate for its own portfolio. As an owner-managed group of companies, we are able to react flexibly to market changes and the associated opportunities. We attach great importance to the quality of our properties and the selection of locations in order to create attractive and sustainable living and working environments in the long term.

Our portfolio includes a diverse selection of properties, which we manage and develop with great care and commitment. We pursue a holistic approach that takes into account the economic, social and environmental aspects of our activities. This approach is reflected in every step of our project development, the careful management and professional support of our properties.





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